Effective September 1st 2013, the initial class is a state mandated 4 to 6 hour class room course in addition to the range. Total course approx. 7 through 8 hours.

Effective September 1st 2013, the renewal class and range are no longer required to renew your license. We do recommend taking advantage of our refresher class that is offered.

Classroom Rules

  1.  Class will begin at 8:00 AM unless otherwise specified by the instructor.
  2. PLEASE DO NOT BRING A LOADED HANDGUN into the classroom.  Please DO NOT BRING A LOADED HANDGUN to the range.  HANDGUNS WILL BE LOADED ONLY AT THE DIRECTION OF THE INSTRUCTOR.  This is to insure the safety of all class participants.
  3. Students must provide their own equipment and materials for class.  (See below.)
  4. At no time will a student be allowed to attend class if intoxicated, or with the smell of an alcoholic beverage on his/her breath.
  5. Both classroom and range portion of the class must be attended and completed with an acceptable score to pass the course.
  6. Please advise the instructor prior to class if you have special needs, are pregnant, or taking medication that may impair your ability to safely handle a handgun. Note: We strongly recommend women who are expecting a child to consult their physician prior to attending the range portion of the course.
  7. Please do not use tobacco products while in the classroom or on the firing line.
  8. Please switch all pagers and phones off or place them in the vibrate or silent mode.

Mandatory Equipment


  1. Eye protection, ear protection, and targets will be provided.
  2. Clothing should be appropriate to weather conditions ie. extreme heat or cold.
    High neck T shirts,button up shirts or blouses (up to the neck line) are recommended, (ejected cartridge cases can go down open front shirts or low cut blouses resulting in severe burns.)
  3. One revolver or semi-automatic handgun. Handguns must be in good condition and have no modifications that will make the handgun less safe.  Handguns are available at no charge – you must supply the ammuntion.
  4. Ammunition…
    1. must meet SAAMI specifications1 (factory ammunition)
    2. please bring at least 50 rounds (1 box) of ammunition each
  5. Any holster (optional)…
    1. must be constructed to securely hold a handgun


  1. Notepad and pen, light sack lunch.
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