Welcome to the Jones Concealed Handgun Instruction Website!

Thank you for your interest in Jones Concealed Handgun Instruction.  We believe that all law-abiding Americans have the right to own firearms for lawful purposes.  This right is traditional and essential to a free society, but with this right comes the responsibility of the gun owner to use the firearm in such a way as to protect his own safety and the safety of others, especially children.  A firearm, when used in a safe and responsible manner, is a great source of pleasure and represents a fundamental part of our personal liberty guaranteed by our =======>>>>=======>>>>=======>>>> United States Constitution.

Don’t Blame The Gun!

Firearms do not cause accidents nor do they cause crime. Accidents are caused by carelessness and/or ignorance of basic gun safety practices on the part of the shooter. Individuals who disregard the rules of society commit crimes.

Our number one goal!

At Jones Concealed Handgun Instruction, responsible firearm owners can expect a comprehensive class that is both fun and informative. Firearm safety and helping to increase your chances of surviving a violent encounter are our number one goals.

Want a Concealed Handgun License?

If you want a Concealed Handgun License, or need safety and proficiency instruction, please give me a call at (254)-776-6799 to discuss a class schedule, pricing, or special incentives.